Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Year 2010 ..... Year of TIGER!!! ROAR

It has been more than a Year since my last blog. But here i am again on Blogger.com....

Well.... in the year 2009 wasn't really much to talk about as i was studying as usual, assignments as usual ... the only different was i almost get my heart bounce out of no where during my ICBM exam....it does freaked me out!! almost 7/10 of the questions were questioned that I'd not seen in my entire learning lesson. I really got my tears raining cat and dog. I thought i would be failing the subject..... but my lucky charm has bought me luck .... I'd pass all my subjects with credits and distinction. Thanks to God ....

Moving to my year end 2009.... it was month December ....outing with my college friends.... we went Genting... haha... We're trying to sneak in Vivian ( one of my friend's gf ) into the casino... coz she was under-aged. At 1st we failed =.=''  The police scolded my friend like hell stating that we cant sneak in those who are under-aged according to rules and regulation.... telling us things that we already know... THIS IS WHY WE SNEAK IN AND NOT BRING IN... however, after few hours.... our plan begun to see the result.... we succeed in sneaking her in.... :)   after all police wasn't that SMART!!!

Last in year of 2009 - my closing lovely memory... Carefree Queen... I was being selected as Top 10 Finalist...
This contest teaches me alot of things... especially how a Model supposed to walk to face the camera and judges and PEOPLE!!! it had really been an unforgettable experienced for me.

the Theme for the event was "PINK CHIC" hence everyone were supposed to dress in PINK.. 


Walking into the year of TIGER!!! yeah... roar.....

I was seriously begun to feel boring at home.. sitting and eating and watching tv.... i finally dragged out my chair, put my buttock on and starts clicking the PC looking for JOBS!!!
Just as i click into Asiaparttime.com....., i found a job... a Promoter job .... this time was Beer line

Shandy Anglia..... this job was an interesting job... why do i said so?

There were these bunch of promoters (Tigers and Calsberg) who were so daring (they do anything they like) and guess what 2 of those guys had been listed as Black-List Promoter.... Why? they sneak into the store room and drank "Wong Lo Kat"!!!! 

THE RULE OF PROMOTER - it is prohibited to eat or drink (things being promote) during work

and so their photos being posted on the STAFF entry.... Memalukan.....(but im not going to tell you who they are - P&C)

However, the truth are those guys were really so funny... with them my life was enlighten by them... To say the truth it was my happiest moment of all my life being Promoter.... this was the best promoter day ever!!!!!
We play and chat ..... till we met this BOTAK (ew.. why all Botak makes my life so hatred)  ...... He treated Promoters like we're not HUMAN!!!

He said Promoters are meant to just stand there and promote!! What the hack!!! We're human ....

Look at the scenario....

A few guys standing next to each other BUT NOT TALKING to each other... isn't this weird ?
The Botak himself had done many prohibited things.... but well...... my contract off..... and i dun care bout his life and death....

Journey to my CNY day.....

This year my cousins coming back from Australia to celebrate CNY with us.. It was a really lovely and busy day but it was really nice, we went shopping, shopping and shopping... WOW!!!! 

This year I'd open house... The more the Merrier!! That's what people talking about during CNY....

Besides, all Tigers and Calsberg promoter were in Pyramid REUNION!!!! yeah... meeting them really makes me feel like i'm 18 years old again....  But we're missing few guys..... they FFK!!! but there is always another day....

till here...... continuing in another lovely day

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year..... Gong Xi Fa Cai

Sunday, December 14, 2008

PC Fair.... what i've learned

Yesterday was the last day standing in for the PC fair exibition..
Angel was successfully applied to the JOB position as a Sales Promoter a company (Private and Confidential)
If u have had followed my blog all the way u knew that "angel" do works alot of Part-time

wHAT I wanted to discuss today is What Angel's Learned from being the Promoter for the PC Fair KLCC..

Is kinda different situation when compared to being a Unilevel Promoter (promoting shampoos) or even Stabillo's Promoter (promoting stationary)
Promoting Laptop Bag is way much different that i ever thought ..
but Angel found the way to accomplish all the task.. SAvE by GOD!!

How different it was?

The environment, the people, the staff, and even the way of approaching

The Environment;
Working in the shopping complex doesnt seems to be so complicated- WHY? coz' the place is FIXED

working in the PC Fair however, was being very much complicated than Angel ever thought- WHY? coz there were hundreds of BOOTH circulated around the HALL, where peoples were crowding the entire hall..

" Angel does lose her way back her BOOTH "

The People;
I guess this part wasnt really need to explain widely... PC Fair or any other exibition fair peoples were crowding and bush-banging each other all around the entire exibition hall

U can hear people screaming/ shouting out the "Best-Price", just like the "night Market" if u have been into "pasar malam" before... u can imagine the situation was 10th times more than the usual "pasar malam"

Customers were bargain to get the "best-price"
so called - good price, with good quality and of course if the services were good enough .. there u go.. the deal was made..

Marketing--- you can really learned from here...
1) How's customers react to the given price?
2) How's sales promoter reacted back to the annoying/pushing customers?
3) How to approach to the customer when they don't even have the intention to buy?
4) How to make sure that customers have the confidence on "us" and trust what "we" were saying and of course make them BUY?

Angel learned Buyer & Consumer Business. and these 3 days i can really make used of what i'd learned and apply it to the customers... and guess what?

IT's USEFULL and PROVEN that the THEOrY learned was completely CORRECT!!

BCB (Buyer Consumer Business)... Miss.. Angel really seen what she'd learned and really feel the way that marketeer really ops for... for their selling strategies

Angel said;

miss was right.
remembering that she told us in the lecture that;

"as a successful marketeer, you will never compares your product with other product in line with market shares- because customers see your product the sames as to the other- instead as a marketeer, you have to make your product look more attractive that the other product, and show more features and uniqueness where consumer would now attracted and "see" the differences withing the product in line with market share"

this is really what i've seen and what i've used to approaching the customers... clearify what make them attracted to the customer... what feature and uniqueness of the product .... it proven that customers would likely to BUY the product

i even try the "old school of thought" stating that customers would buy the product according to their taste and preferences and of course the method of used was - COMPARING THE PRODUCT WITH OTHER BRAND PRODUCT"

and the result was proven to me that the "old school of thought" was really as what my lecturer said... "Wrong"
cUSTOMERS do not buy as what they taste for ... they BUY when they sees the trend of buying and uniquness which other brand/ product do not offer

The Staff;
Being the promoter for the super/hyper market, u cant really interact with other promoter (supermarket rules and regulation- mind you own business)

however, being a PC fair promoter... you can chat as much as you like--provided your sales was god as well... those staff were really so helpful and their personalitites were really great.

The world is so big, people were borned with different personalities, different background environment and have all different style of living..

Angel met a guy (so-called SUPErVISOR)
He was from a Broken family- Angel guess he was (since he stated his background story)
He isn't tall nor handsome but he is a man which have a high determination..
Well, maybe he grew from a "poor" family that he really appreciate whatever he has and he sees money so importantly that some of us might not

Angel depended much on Family (coz' she is so good to be borned in a "Good" & "Moderate Family"
and i guess that most people who are borned in this type of family or even better would not be bothering much about "money"

seriously Angel wasn't really so dependent much and careless about "money" as Angel have the Sponsorship (M&F loan) haha

well, it really make Angel felt that she is so lucky and have the best of what she have had
Should appreciate what she have!!

The Way of Approaching
Very much different, in the supermarket, price is Fixed (no bargaining)... and aiming to approach those who has not bought the product before

PC Fair... price was volatile and not stable.. it all depends on the Sales Person whether he/she would wanto give more discount!

WOW isn't that incredible... no wonder it does look like "pasar malam" where peole were bargaining all the way for the best price they can get

Approaching techniques were totally different,

we have to approach all different types of people who have werid defination about themself, whether from rich family or from moderate or even poor family

Peoples thought is hard to determine; but peoples perceptions is vary for the way they act.. so approaching people who were "big-talk" is kinda like nothing coz' they were those who come in for Window-Shopping

approaching those who were Likely to buy.. we have to talk more
and the best of all was to approach people who already have the intention to buy

Marketing said:
most people in the market is categories as the Behavioural Buyer (or who have either Share Loyalty or Tenure Loyalty)

is true

those who have had used the Brand (e.g. Swiss product) would come back and buy the product as they have had know the product quality and what is their product offering..

if those who have bought and felt less subscirbe to the product, once mentioned the brand, they would turn over..

it Proven!!!


so working in a different environment, Angel really have had many experienced and look at things differently

part-time job is where you can able to find out How big the world are and What was Hidden behind


this Was Angel learned for the past 3days..

any comments feel free to write down

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life Like This....

How long should an individual have to Learn?

remembered that old day, in the primary school

where "kids" were teasing each other,
if you sat beside a boy- " o! you luv him"...

where boys and girls were fighting for the sake of Domination
" if we girls win, we are the leader"...

where boys and girls worked together to get things done well
" come on, we are the best"

the best and best memories falls back to Primary 3
where we often played Shooting Game...
Folding the paper into small and hard and play "lastic lastik"
Tables and chairs were our "benteng pertahanan"
Books as out "shield"

then came to the Primary 6 graduation
all of us score with Flying Colour....
all of us received present and certificate from our school
then we said "good-bye" to each other

walking into the teenage world... we steps into High School Life
things begun to change
we met different people, with different thought, different behaviour
yet we can accomplish with goodcare

if co-ex schools we sees dating of boys and girls
Boy School we expecting dating of boy-boy
same here in Girl School, we have Lesbian
Me, Lesbian?
no, Im NOT im Straight :P

Girls fighting... yeah is a Norm as well
"Barang rampasan" in Girl School?
wow! u can expect what you would have.... Handphones, Lipstick, Make-up + remover, and more...
Ciggerate... also HAVE!!

so conclusion from the High School Life... you can expect things well... and all the same accross the High Schol, girl, boy, co-ex >>>> SAME JE!!

Then we Graduate again from the High School Life... walking to the Mature Life
College Life...
well, nothing speacial... is just different environment ... and of course the best of all is that you can wear whatever you want to wear to College..
bring whatever things you want to bring to College...
says whatever you want to say in College...
Skipped whatever class you tend to skip

no ones gonna bother who and what you are
kinda FREE
yet is not really True


Assignment come here and after....
Exam come bump in when you think you are free from assignment...

Still Hook With BOOKS

and the next things I would think of is ANOTHER GRADUATION from College

Life like This....

Simple, Happy .. yet still learning :)

Learn As We Grow: that's the Fact!!

Things are getting tougher and tougher as we grow

and things are getting tougher and tougher for me as well

Assingments are pushing in
Finals are coming
Things that i learned become harder and harder
deeper and deeper

I am wondering if all of what i'd studied will be used in my future
some told me that " what you've learned is just the basic of everything, the real world isnt about what i'd learn, is about how i approach to it"

one of the councelor told me that ..
" those who always go with flying colour sometime because of their unable to cope or approach to, or even their attitudes drive them away from what they'd looking for over their future"
doesn't it sound so harsh
but this is real life
If you are smart enough to beat everyone,
then you should be smart enough to learn how to cope with them and not to discriminate them
because if all of them turn back retaliate against you
You are the losser and not the winner even though you have done a very good performance

Is all about Human Relationship

Have i ever encounter these problem?
I do

I've been working part time while on holiday
and look through the real life
real people
they arent really what we've seen in the text book
the real environment is what we can see in the text book
people were so much different

If only we have a good interpersonal skill
we will get to survive out there

Learn as we grow
that is Fact!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

what a LUCKY me

Just when i was writting the blog day ago, i was so free that i couldn't find a part time job
Today it is my lucky day i guess, I"VE GOT A JOB!!!

Angel wish do come true ya

Is a job of a promoter

Job Title : Promoter
Beauty product : Nivea
Salary : RM100/day

Working day : Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Isn't angel lucky
Is hardly to find a job which have a such a good pay
of course when they give this amount, they aspect a high sales
that is what the supervisor says...

So, kinda ok for Angel coz' Angel've been in the same job line for these past 2 years of Angel holidays and semester break
The most important thing is that Angel will have INCOME

shopping NEEDS money..
money is everything of life
"no money no talk" a phrase which Angel couldn't forget

nothing to write much today.. for the whole day.. Angel is watching TV

Jia Ne (bye)


Monday, June 2, 2008

Angel's Back!!

1st i would like to say million of Sorry for those who always read my Blog..
i ran away for almost a YEAR!!!
sorry guys
didn't meant to , i had forgotten my password and because of the hectic college life
I'm gonna tell you what happened in my ONE YEAR missing day


College life is great !!
that was what i thought it was, too bad, it wasn't

College life is hectic

i just finish my 1st year in Taylor in ADP (American Degree Program)
wasn't really fun after all
It was fun in the 1st semester where i only taken up 3 subjects. It seems so easy for me and i had no hard time dealing with the 3 subjects and i pass with "flying color"

2nd year in ADP
4 subjects was fixed and i must not drop any of it because it was all about Life and Death!!
if i were to drop or fail any one of the fixed subjects, i will not permitted to transfer to Australia Degree
so 2nd semester was where my Hectic life started
I'd got assignment, assignment and assignment seems to be like everyday in Hell
not to mention there was this BOTAK( Bold) lecturer who really kept me annoyed all the time
He was giving us many types of assignment to us (Sub: Statistic), and the due date was around 2 days time

the worst was not about being too "good" to give us the assignment, but all assignment that we handed up turned out to have a TICK/ NIKE trademark on our name
i worked day and night for the assignment ended up with just a TICK

3rd semester!!!!!
Worst of the Worst

How could it be??
I have 2 Classes with the BOTAK!!

AM i too UNLUCKY??
Yes,i am

He teaches Marketing and Management
I'm Extremely Superb fed-up with his teaching
he thought nothing but just reading out the book!!
He is the only Lecturer who can't finish the syllabus...
Marketing (9/12 topics)
Management (9/22 topics)

LOOKED!!! what a mess ....
Mess to me, he kept confusing me with Marketing and Management
i guess he confused himself as well

bad lecturer
he shouldn't be a lecturer
we student pay for knowledge
however, i am sure that i got nothing from him!!!



that is Angel's 1 year of hectic life in college

Now Angel's is waiting for the 2nd year of Degree to start!!
before that Congrats Angel for passing all the subjects with flying colors and manage to make her way to transfer to Australia degree

Angel will be going to UNISA (University of South Australia) in July
Hehehe :)
What a Lucky day i have ( on the exam day)


while waiting for the College to start
Angel's looking for a Part-Time jobs
All in VAIN!!!!
almost all are looking for permanent/ full time worker
so haiz.....

However, life still go on
Angel go for Yoga..... exercising

wish Angel good luck in her future ya


Saturday, May 19, 2007

school again-- but its FUN

life in COLLEGE is fun
espeacially in Taylor's University college.. wow!! its fun
its cool... and there are many people from all over the countries and its amazing
diffferent culture, different taste and preferences.. all differ from Asia!!!

learning is our path way to succeed but games and clubs are also an important things
but the fun things is that our time is so flexible
that we can actually hook up with many leisure time
this is what i can say
but apart from the project and asignment le...

assignment the most important things coz our passing grade depend on that

now i really start to enjoy my life

so enjoy !!!
life is not just sitting down and study...
study with games
study with feeling
enjoy it
dun ever miss it